The Elite program is our Exclusive Stream of training, which provides students with opportunities to further their skills, technique and performance experience by partaking in an increased amount of classes per week, to eventually equip themselves with the facility required to enter the world of performing arts at a professional level.


This stream is for our dedicated, focused and committmed students who wish to gain more from just attending a few general classes per week.


Not only will these students have the opprtunity to participate in specialised coaching classes, one on-one coaching, end of year showcase, examination levels to help achieve (fully recognised and endorsed) teaching certificates, they will be given opportunites to learn troupe and solo choreography for Victorian dance competitions, local community performances and have access to our junior teaching program and more!  


KGD offers the serious dancer the opportunity to excel through specialised teaching techniques with a focus on individual development, emphasising training that develops advanced performance skills, gaining strength, flexibilty, endurance, awareness of body and musicaity and a knowledge of the performing arts.


At KGD we understand that sometimes people may have negative associations with 'Elite' training methods and compulsory hours etc, but by enrolling at KGD, you can be assured you will be receiving training from teachers who have infact temselves taught at and still currently teach at various performing arts institutions across Melbourne, therefore we know what is expected in the industry and how to acheive this without burning out the young dancer in the process.


At KGD we do not have a compulsory amount of hours to enroll in our elite program, only a recommended amount with a strong emphasis on ballet training and if a child does eventually decide they wish to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and wish to intensify their training, our supportive network of teachers are here to help guide them to acheive this. Here at KGD we deliver a training regime consisting of all the elements required to provide students with the ultimate 'triple threat' factor.