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At KGD we offer a fresh new innovative approach to dancing classes through our unique methods of learning and

specialised children's programs...


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Please Note: Ages for all classes are taken as of the 1st of January 2024.
i.e. - Students are to enrol into classes with their age taken as at the 1st of January.

2024 Timetable

At last your child has graduated from our Junior School and now begins their pathway through our Senior School! It is here in our ELEVATE level, students are now at an advanced level and it is here where the door opens to more opportunities.

Assuming a student has sat their Grade 4 Ballet exam in the ACCELERATE level, are continuing with their Grade 5 Ballet exam in the ELEVATE level and have reached the required standard and maturity within their classes, they will be invited to join our ELITE COMPETITION TEAM in our 12 & under level.

Elevate Level Dance Classes Melbourne Karlie Grace School of Performing Arts



Students at the Elevate Level will have the same dance genres as the previous level consisting of Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acrobatics and Encore (musical theatre), Contemporary/Lyrical classes (must study a technique class of Ballet and/or Jazz class in order to meet the technical requirements of this genre).

Our more serious Ballet students will still be training full-steam ahead in our Elite stream at this level will still be undertaking two ballet classes per week - their general Ballet class and their Grade 5 Cecchetti exam class, as a prerequisite to reaching the correct level for their Ballet exam come August/September. As an added bonus we encourage students to seek participation in the Grade 6 Ballet Exam class too (without sitting the exam, at NO EXTRA COST), in order to ensure they’re training at the highest level which will see fast-tracked results across all genres. Upon deemed being ready in both strength and alignment, students at this level are invited to partake in Pre-Pointe class - every ballerina’s ultimate dream! 


Our Elite Competition Team students will train in an extra 60 min class per week as they learn 3 routines which will be performed at two main competitions for the year. Two of these routines will then be showcased at our end of year performance in December. Along with all students within our ELEVATE level being celebrated at our presentation evening in December as they graduate into our next FINESSE level and are awarded their certificate and medal, our Elite Competition Team and Ballet Exam students will also be acknowledged with their commitment to these extra classes and associated accomplishments.

Students in our ELEVATE level will have increased opportunities available to them as the year progresses with access to in-house student’s own Choreography Competition, access to our Summer Intensive with industry-renowned teachers in January, all school-related social events, along with extra-curricular activities such as prestigious awards days run by Cecchetti Ballet Australia.

**Please note an entry-level beginner student who is age 11 may need to enter the previous ELEGANCE level before commencing the ACCELERATE & ELEVATE levels to learn the fundamentals of basic technique first, depending on the class/es selected.


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