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Please read through our useful information to help support your time at KGD... 




At KGD we offer a second-hand uniform and shoe facility.

If you have any second-hand dancewear or shoes that you would like to sell, please see reception and the same if you are interested in purchasing some cheaper second-hand items. (Please ensure your items to sell are in a clear ‘glad-bag/zip-lock’ type bag, clearly labeled with your name and your asking price). New Parents; please feel free to join our closed group Facebook page: KGD UNIFORM & SHOE SALES, to pick up any second-hand items.




At KGD we have viewing windows to all our studios, which we leave open for the first week of each term for any new parents to observe their children. Please ensure the window is shared by all and that there are no distractions, talking or gestures through the windows to children. In the

final week of both terms 1 & 2 we run an ‘Open Viewing’ week, where parents are invited into the studio to observe their child’s progress and newly acquired skills. Please note; in term 3 there will be no open viewing week, as preparations are usually well underway at this point for our annual showcase performance.




We have five car parks located directly in front of the studio. Please park carefully so the full five parks can be utilized. If they are full there is plenty

of on-street parking available. Please refrain from double-parking in our driveway. We share our driveway with our immediate neighbours, therefore care must be taken when parking to be considerate of the surrounding business.




Please encourage your child to bring a water bottle to every lesson.

There is to be no soft-drinks in the studios, if spilt, this becomes very sticky and dangerous to dance on. Please try to make bringing a drink bottle apart of your child’s general dance gear every week. It is important the students stay well hydrated, especially in the warmer months. Water bottles available from fridge at reception for $1.00 or KGD drink bottles available from reception for $5.00.




Please try and arrive on time for your class, otherwise the essential warm-up of the students lesson may be missed, possibly causing injury.

Late arrivals affect the flow of the class and it can sometimes be stressful for younger students to be placed in a class environment late. Particulary throughout term four, once showcase performance preparations have commenced, please try where you can to let teachers know if your child will be absent, to help us prepare for classes and choreography.


Students where they wish may arrive early and make use of our ‘warm-up’ studio to prepare, stretch, limber and practice in.


All older students are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes early for their classes to warm up and prepare, especially for private lessons.

Whilst we appreciate all parent enquiries and are happy to answer any questions, please refrain from entering the studios to talk to teachers in between classes, as this holds up classes, causing teachers to run late. Please address any queries with reception or contact Miss Karlie outside of class time via email at or if reception is unable to answer your querie, it will be communicated to Miss Karlie ASAP. 







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