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KGD Kidz Dance Classes


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Please Note: Ages for all classes are taken as of the 1st of January 2024.
i.e. - Students are to enrol into classes with their age taken as at the 1st of January.

Give Your Child The Ultimate Magic Experience In A Real Ballet Class!


Imagine your little one inside our magical classes, squealing with delight as they dance like a fairy under our magic rainbow, or pony canter and twirl like a Ballerina until their little heart’s content.

Watch them onstage at our Showcase in their gorgeous costumes and watch them shine with our special effects, backdrops, and themed productions, while the audience claps loudly and cheers with excitement!

We’re opening enrolment into our KGD KIDZ program where your child will awaken their inner grace and unveil the beautiful little dancer within.


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Karlie Grace Dancer's Dance Program Melbourne

“Our daughter started dancing at Karlie Grace dancers from the age of two. I originally decided to take her to the bubs group because she was very shy and we wanted her to mix with other children her age and have fun.

Ten years later our daughter is a confident outgoing 12-year-old that has a huge passion for dance. Karlie has provided her with her happy place that she is always excited to go to.  Karlie and the other teachers inspire every lesson.  Not only has Karlie Grace Dancers given her a love of dance but it's given her confidence, dedication, drive and most of all her "dance family" as she calls it. 


The group of girls are supportive and just as encouraging as the teachers. I can't thank Karlie enough for what Karlie Grace Dancers has done for our daughter.”

Dance Class Melbourne
Melbourne Dance Classes

“My 2 girls (aged 5 & 6) have been attending KGD for 2 years and they absolutely love this school. They love the teachers, the students and all the facilities. This dancing school is amazing and my girls are always excited to go to their classes every week.


As a dance mum, I can’t speak highly enough about this school, my daughter's teacher is fantastic, she always gives me updates about their progress and is very lovely and approachable. Miss Karlie is also very lovely too and great to deal with, everybody at this school is very professional and the communication and detail provided to parents is also excellent.”


Dance classes at Karlie Grace Dancer's School of Performing Arts



Here at KGD, there are no gimmicks - just pure dance at it’s finest! The Baby Ballerinas section of the class is a gentle introduction to the magical world of ballet and our classes are full of fantasy and imagination as your child seeks delight in everything that our creative classes offer. Your child’s enjoyment and participation is first and foremost our priority, as we draw from the imagery, magic and make believe from the 2 year old level and add these aspects with an even more formalized introduction to a ‘proper ballet class’. Students will be learning the basic principles of ballet and basic terminology in a fun and creative way! A combination of props and mime are used as we put on our princess jewelry to encourage correct basic posture, a number of carefully constructed warm up routines are included from gentle ballet stretches with our teddies, to a more upbeat warm-up using our shakers. Pre-Ballet Barre exercises are incorporated from plies, tendus, rises, all while learning the basic positions of the feet! Locomotive movements are taught and developed while holding our flowers as we walk on demi-pointe or skip like red riding hood through the forest. At the end of the class students can look forward to their own couple of minutes of free dance time through carefully led creative movement exercises.

Students will then have a drink break and change into their Jazz shoes and commence the Baby Boppers section of the class. This is an introduction to the energetic, upbeat, faster paced form of dance style known as ‘Jazz.’ The difference in the two dance styles of ballet and jazz is established in this class as we differentiate the parallel feet stance as opposed to the rotation and turning out of the leg from the hip socket that ballet requires. We encourage sharper, punchier movements, as we work on our isolations of separate areas of the body, encourage further coordination and faster movements. Children receive a thrill out of performing the above with the inclusion of pompoms, shakers, etc to help keep the exercises interesting, which in turn helps them to stay engaged. Natural hopping, jumping, skipping motor skills are performed with hula-hoops, balance beam, etc, which makes an exciting obstacle course, encouraging added concentration and further challenge.

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Join Baby Beatz straight after
Baby Ballerinas for just $5.50 extra

Karlie Grace Dance School Melbourne



Baby Beatz is designed as an add-on class to the Baby Ballerinas & Baby Boppers combination class that is scheduled prior, (Please see fee schedule for special package price).
While 15 minutes may not seem long in length, our preschoolers achieve huge amounts during this time and this class proves to be tremendous in helping to further develop their musicality and coordination, which proves to be a great stepping stone for not only the separate Tap class in the preceding level - (ASPIRE ages 5-6), but also proves to assist in the Ballet assessments  should they choose this option from age 5 or 6 onwards. 
The Baby Beatz Tap class proves to be the highlight of your child’s day, as they highly anticipate the chance to finally put on their ‘Tap shoes’ and tap until their little heart’s content! Throughout this class your child will be introduced to the basic elements of Tap dance  in a fun and imaginative way. Children learn the three basic parts of the foot; the toe, ball, heel, as they learn different rhythms with each part of their foot. This class is great for developing musicality and a sense of rhythm and timing! Students will further develop their coordination by ‘squashing bugs’ with their heel drops, ‘walking through puddles’ on their tippy-toes, getting stuck to the floor from ‘sticky lollies’, as they attempt their toe drops, etc...All the fundamental principles of Tap dancing are taught in a creative and engaging way, which will ensure that this class proves to be a highlight of your little one’s week!

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KGD Kidz Dance Classes Melbourne



Get set for a half our lesson filled with chaos, fun and laughter, as basic creative movement and coordination is encouraged and developed. The class is not too long, just enough time to keep the students interested and engaged when their concentration levels can only last a certain amount of time at this young age! Giving the option of the parent or carer to be present in the studio can also help support and encourage participation. This class explores the world of Classical Ballet and the more energetic form of Jazz dance, as we include basic rhythmic exercises encouraging musicality and the different levels in space – high, low, infront, behind, etc. Circular sparkly material and our parachute is used to create circles and introduce the concept of creating shapes. We then select our own glittery star or flower and find our ‘special spot’ in the room as we dance around the room and swap shapes to continue to develop our spatial awareness and the concept of ‘sharing.’ Locomotive steps in the form of ‘follow the leader’ are performed to assist children in maintaining patterns and taking direction. Watch your child squeal with delight as they pony canter under the magic rainbow and horsey gallop on their seahorse under the magic waves! This introductory class will really begin to instill the enjoyment of dance in your child and provide a foundation and stepping stone for when they progress to the 3&4 year old pre-school classes.

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