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Our daughter started dancing at Karlie Grace dancers from the age of two. I originally decided to take her to the bubs group because she was very shy and we wanted her to mix with other children her age and have fun.
Nine years later our daughter is a confident outgoing 11-year-old that has a huge passion for dance. Not only has Karlie Grace Dancers given her a love of dance but it's given her confidence, dedication, drive and most of all her "dance family" as she calls it. The group of girls are supportive and just as encouraging as the teachers. I can't thank Karlie enough for what KGD dance school has done for our daughter.

A fantastic nurturing dance school providing expertise and support to develop great technique and a passion for dance! My daughter loves her dance classes, teachers and friends at KGD.


The teachers at KGD are the real deal, the basics of technique are taught correctly, ensuring each child is trained to the best of their ability. They are all very nurturing, inclusive, extremely professional and amazing all round.


T. Mcleod

L. Derbyshire

L. Symons

I wish to express my gratitude to you for the patience, kindness and professionalism that you have demonstrated in teaching my daughter.She has come a long way since she first walked through your doors. She started off very shy, unsure of herself. She is now a different girl, and has matured and grown in confidence and ability. I believe her dancing has also helped her concentration at school. 

K. Rule

I just wanted to say "thank you" to yourself,  Anne and my daughter's teachers. My daughter has grown in confidence with her dancing but also resilience and self confidence in general, having performed in her first "real" concert. It is easy to forget these life skills the kids are developing whilst having fun with dance! 

As a first-timer into the world of dance, I have been impressed with the supportive community you have developed.  The students have encouraged my daughter when she was nervous and your helpers at the concert were a great resource for me. As a 'non-dance person', I was incredibly impressed with the production Saturday night. My Mum and I were amazed with the high caliber of dance, costumes, routines etc. 

Well done Karlie your studio is just gorgeous! Over the last three and half years I have watched your dance school grow so much, all your hard work has certainly paid off! Indi really looks forward to her classes each week with you. Well done Karlie

B. Kemp

Happy Dance Parent

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with both of Amber’s teachers for Contemporary & Classical having watched the classes at open viewing day! I witnessed both these teachers teaching the students skills that are never taught in schools today that are life skills. Such as using their own initiative to correct their own faults, common sense thinking to work out what they are doing wrong, being respectful and paying attention when someone is talking / giving instructions and  realizing if they want to get better at something then they must come up with a plan of how to get there, like practicing more at home and asking the teacher for help. I'm sure these skills will be with the students for a lifetime and help them with future careers/study etc. Just wanted to say thank you!


M. Mott

What a fantastic dance studio, my daughter is now in her 3rd year and loves attending all her classes. I would recommend KGD to anyone who is looking for a nurturing and quality dance school. Karlie you are patient, kind and take the time to actually teach your students correct technique.


P. Isaac

Karlie Grace Dancers is a dance school with a difference. Karlie helps your child gain self confidence as well as the necessary skills to perform the discipline your child is involved in. I can’t emphasize enough the caring and supportive environment provided for your child regardless of skill level by Karlie. The end of Year Performance is so professional and your child just shines. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Just wanted to let you know that we thought the concert was brilliant, we loved to see how Angela has improved over the last 12 months, her hands and body movements were great. I don’t know how she manages to remember her 3 dances, Ballet, Jazz and Tap.

A couple of standout performances – Red Riding Hood, Roxanne the music and choreography was great.  The Swan Princesses, we had tears in our eyes from laughing.  All other performances were just great, your choice of music, costuming all brilliant.  All the 3, 4 & 5 year olds were just gorgeous. The touches of humour in your choreography, also just brilliant.  Congratulations to all your teachers and yourself for all the work you put into training the students.

A. Dwyer

N. Deleu

What an amazing awesome night last night at the end of year Dance concert. So well put together and so professional. Such amazing family support behind the scenes. They are all generous warm caring people too. Thank you so much Karlie, you are wonderful!

K. Rule

My daughter has danced here for just over a year. We have been to other dance schools but this offers by far the best teaching we have seen. Karlie is highly trained & she knows how to teach. My daughter loves it & is finally learning to move like a dancer. They offer many different dance styles at affordable prices with a great location in Berwick.

Thanks Karlie for your continued support with my son and his love for dancing, we are ever so glad we registered with your dance school, by far the best!

S. Acker

S. Jackson

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