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Take a read through our most frequently asked questions...




I’m not sure what the most ideal style of dance is for my child to start with?


If your child is a little one and they seem to show a general enjoyment and interest for dance, music and movement, we usually encourage them to try ‘Classical Ballet’ to start off with, as ballet is the foundation for all dance genres and where the first basic levels of technique are taught. It is here students will learn basic posture, correct movement patterns


Do we need the full uniform for the first lesson?


No, you do not need to be in uniform for your first lesson. We suggest you just wear comfortable clothes, ie; leggings, tracksuit, singlet, t-shirt, etc and perhaps runners or bare feet for your first lesson to ensure you enjoy the class first and wish to continue prior to going out and purchasing your uniforms and correct dance shoes.


If I enrol is the uniform compulsory?

Yes, once enrolled, the uniform is compulsory so the dancer can execute the correct technique in the correct attire and footwear that is appropriate for each class. This also institutes a level of professionalism.


Uniforms can be purchased at:

Energetiks – Fountain Gate Shopping Centre

Dance Everything Warehouse – Shand Crt, Berwick

Dance Fanatics – Treloar Lane, Pakenham

Upstage Dance Wear -Langhorne St, Dandenong


Please tell the assistants in each store where you dance, your age/level and which styles you take and they will take care of the rest!

We also offer a second-hand shoe facility at the KGD reception, which may have some second-hand shoes in your size!


What age can my child start Ballet exams?


Generally, once a student at KGD has reached age 5 and assuming they are demonstrating the required standard of technique, along with showing commitment to their classes and an excellent work ethic and attitude to their fellow peers and teachers, they will be considered by the principal to be invited in our annual in-take of examination candidates.


How long does the term go for and do you run on public holidays?


KGD terms coincide with the public school term and we can generally use the following as a basis:

Term 1: 9 weeks

Term 2: 10 weeks 

Term 3: 10 weeks

Term 4: 10 weeks. 

Please refer to information booklet for specific dates. 

We do not run classes on public holidays and customers are not invoiced for these.


How do I enrol?


There are a number of ways to enrol, the easiest way being: 

Log onto our website; 

Click the ‘Enrol online’ button, 

This will take you through to our online registration form. 

KGD will then be in contact with you shortly after to confirm. 


Alternatively, you can download our enrolment form off our website or phone KGD and we can email and enrolment form to you.

From here you can then either return via post, email or in-person to our office.


How often and when do I pay my fees?


We're proud of our unique ALL-INCLUSIVE FEE PACKAGES. With one easy flat rate per month, you'll receive less hassle and more value for money with no ‘extras’ or surprises at the end of the year.
Membership is for the duration of the year with all costs spread throughout 11 months (February -
December) and direct debited from your nominated account monthly.


Do you offer refunds or credits for missed classes or change of mind?


We are not in a position to offer refunds or credits for missed classes or change of mind.

Please refer to our separate ‘Terms & Conditions’ stating all of these specifics.


Can parents watch classes?


Yes, in the first week of each term we open our ‘viewing windows’ for all parents to view how their children are settling into their classes for the term. After this initial week, it's really important to allow for your child to develop and grow within the classroom, connect and engage with the teacher and bond with peers on their own.


Allowing your child the independence of coming to class on their own is important for their skill development in dance. Therefore we do ask parents to please wait in our foyer and feel free to help themselves to our magazine selection, coffee machine and make use of our television, or alternatively, parents may feel free to leave and return later at the conclusion of class if they desire. 


At the end of terms 1 and 2, we open up our studios to all parents, as we invite them into the classroom for our ‘open viewing week’. It is here, parents can view their little one’s newly acquired skills and developments! Please note, we do not have an open viewing week at the end of term 3, as we are then in full preparation mode for our end of year showcase.


Are your teachers qualified?


Yes, we certainly are! Our teachers at KGD have a culmination of government qualifications and industry experience between them. Please refer to our website and visit our ‘teacher profile’ page for more of an insight into the array of highly specialized teachers we have on our faculty! 


Do you have an end of year concert?


Yes, we hold an annual ‘End of Year Showcase Performance’, this is a huge highlight of our year.

We hold this annually in December (please refer to information booklet for date).


Involvement in our Showcase means children experience:

> On-stage dress rehearsal and pre-production experience

> Fun-filled and exciting evening for students and families

> Experience of performing in a professional theatre 

> Amazing costumes

> Lighting, backdrops and special effects – learning about the theatre

> To develop their performance abilities

> Learning to work as a part of a team 

> Increasing their confidence


Do you have opportunities for photos and DVDs at the end of the year?


Yes, we certainly do! Every year we have our end of year Showcase Performance professionally filmed and this is available for parents to purchase at a cost of $50. We also hire a professional photographer who will take pictures at our performance as well as holding a ‘Photo Day’ at our studio, where parents can book in a time slot for their family and receive a range of professional posed pictures in front of a backdrop.


What happens in regards to costumes for the Showcase, do we need to purchase them?


The great thing about the KGD Showcase, is that parents do not need to go out and source, sew or buy expensive costumes that they will never use again! KGD hires out costumes specifically for your child’s class routine for very reasonable rates.

KGD is well-known for our professionally run, spectacular end of year performances and our standard of costumes are a testament to this.


Can I participate in a trial lesson before deciding to enrol at KGD?


Yes, we offer a TRIAL WEEK  to new students, which means that your child can come and trial a class in each genre (in the same week) to see if it’s right for them.

If they enjoy the trial lesson/s and decide to continue on and enrol for the term and join the KGD family, then the payment for the term's classes will be invoiced should you return the following lesson.


My child wants to start Ballet & get her Pointe shoes. When can she do this?


Firstly, the student must be at least 12 years of age for their feet to be anatomically ready to begin Pointe work. Even then the student must have had a few years of ballet training & experience behind them. If the student meets the above criteria and displays an appropriate level of technique required, she will be then invited by the principal to partake in a weekly ‘Pre-Pointe’ class for 6 months at a minimum, to strengthen her ankles, feet and core before acquiring her Pointe shoes and commencing Pointe work. 


When KGD staff consider the student to be almost ready, the student will be referred to In Sync Pilates & Physiotherapy in Camberwell to be assessed for Pointe readiness. Once KGD staff and the Physio are happy with the student’s progress, an appointment at BLOCH Dancewear in Chadstone will be made for the student to be fitted with their very first pair of Pointe shoes.







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