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The Many Benefits of Online Learning

We are currently living in unprecedented times, and following social distancing to look after each other means many changes to our everyday routines and activities. In order to keep our wonderful students and community safe and well, KGD is excited to now offer our tuition online. Online learning is a fabulous way to learn dance, and there are in fact many benefits to online classes that may even exceed some aspects of face-to-face learning:

Online Learning Engages Students on a Deep Level

Depending on what is going on in a student’s life, retention and attendance can sometimes be an issue in traditional studios and classrooms, with students struggling with the course material or teacher on any given day. However, when following an online program, students are engaged by apps and multimedia tools that make learning a highly interactive and enjoyable experience. In fact, research has shown that online learning can increase students’ retention rates by up to 60%.

Online Learning Offers Flexibility

In this model of learning, students are afforded more flexibility and can attend classes at their own pace, in their own time. This means that a student does not have to miss out on their beloved dance class if presented with other commitments – they can pick up the class and get up to speed at a later time. This flexibility also helps with retention, as students are able to fully engage with their learning when they are ready to.

Online Learning Maintains Community

Accessing dance lessons online does not only involve attending live-streamed classes, but also provides an opportunity for students to chat with their teachers and peers through an online app - asking questions, sharing ideas, supporting each other and maintaining a sense of community is particularly important at this current time.

Online Classes Provide Emotional, Mental and Physical Benefits

Maintaining the routine of dance classes assists students with the potential anxiety, boredom and negative states of mind that may accompany living in isolation, as so many of us currently are. Dance classes provide mental stimulation and encourage the release of the happy endorphins that accompany physical activity.

Continuing dance classes online with KGD ensures that our students’ hard work in the studio will not have ‘gone to waste’, while allowing students to stay physically conditioned and keep up with their techniques. For ballet in particular, students will maintain their ‘turn-out’ and flexibility, while students of all other genres will not lose the skills they have acquired and worked hard to develop in dance.

The benefits of online dance classes for younger students are also profound – these classes keep them physically active, engaged and motivated, ensuring they are not losing out on their motor skills and coordination at this important time. At KGD, our highly skilled and experienced teaching faculty means that classes for little ones will continue to be as engaging as ever, and that these students will be able to develop a life-long love of dance and the performing arts.

Online Learning Provides More Opportunities to Review

Struggling with a new technique or skill? No problem! An online platform allows students to revise content at their leisure, and to slow down and review certain parts of class they want to focus on, ensuring that they are able to improve their technique and progress in their learning. Access to all KGD online programs is life-long, so students can return to a particular class whenever they need.

The online learning model also allows students to stay in touch with their teacher for feedback or guidance, potentially more so than if they were only attending class once per week in a studio.

Online Learning Provides the Opportunity to Try New Things

At KGD, we provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for students to feel comfortable to try new classes or challenges, however sometimes students may feel a little shy in doing so in a studio environment. The beauty of an online platform means that these students can grow their confidence and try new classes (Contemporary or hip hop, for example) that they may not have otherwise considered.

As you can see from this extensive list of benefits, online learning has the capacity to provide so much for our students and at KGD we are very excited to offer classes in this way, continuing to share our passion and nurture our students through dance.

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