Does your son love dancing around to all the latest songs by Justin Bieber, Kanye and Jay-Z?

Does he wish he was a Hip Hop/Break dancer on all the latest video clips?

Then our Boy's only Hip Hop/Break dance class is definitely for him!




This class is ideal for young boys whom do not yet neccessarily have the confidence to join in on a dance class with all females however would love to dance all the same! By participating in our KGD boy's only class, students can purchase their very own 'KGD KREW' hoodie, to allow them to really feel a part of a Krew, as they are exposed to regular guest teachers and industry professionals who specialise in Hip Hop and Break dance!

Learn the basics of the HipHop & Breakin' culture; popping, locking, krumping and more!...


Opportunities are available throughout the year for students to attend various excursions to events around Melbourne, to learn about the culture known as 'Break Dance'. This class is structured to develop fun, fitness, co-ordination, strength and expression through movement, whilst helping them to further achieve their social skills, confidence and self-esteem!