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  • AGE 2 - 4

    Half hour lessons filled with chaos, fun and laughter, as basic creative movement and coordination is encouraged and developed

  • AGE 5 & 6

    After spending time in KGD KIDZ students have developed their joy and passion for dance. Now they begin to understand and appreciate the art of Ballet and the other our disciplines

  • AGE 7

    By now your child has acquired and concreted their technical foundations in our ASPIRE level and are now ready for the next step with increased opportunities available to them

  • AGE 8

    This level encompasses one of our main values, our dancers finding and continuing their inner grace not just in their dancing, but within their emotional self and journey through life

  • AGE 9

    Students have now further developed their technique and focus. It is here we take great delight in seeing all your child’s hard work in the previous levels come to fruition

  • AGE 10

    Students will now accelerate towards our senior level It is here where we take great pride in seeing all our student’s hard work and training in the previous levels encapsulate

  • AGE 11

    At last students have now graduated from our junior levels and begin their journey through our senior levels. Students are now more advanced and door opens to more opportunities

  • AGE 12 & 13

    Students in this program have access to the nationally renowned Dance Step junior teacher program where they can assist our head teachers with younger class levels

  • AGE 14 - 18


    At this level students are now considered accomplished, technical and versatile performers and have achieved an outstanding level in their journey with us

  • AGE 18+


    Our graduating students are celebrated and recognised for all their contributions and loyalty in our end of year formalities. The pathways from here on are endless

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