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To book a spot please choose one of the following:

-Visit the window at the studio reception 

-Call us on 9769 8820

-Email us (using the button below)


Photo day at KGD is an extra ‘optional’ service we provide at KGD, where we like to go above and beyond for our families and proves a highlight for many parents, as it gives you a chance to capture some beautifully staged professional photos in front of a professional backdrop in full costume! This may be your child’s very first special dance concert or your child’s 10th concert, either way, these will make for the most special and treasured memories of your child for many years to come! Your child may have one dance routine in the showcase or ten! However it doesn’t matter, you as the parent can decide whether you acquire photos in all of your child’s dance costumes or only a selected few of your choice! We encourage you to get in quick though with placing your booking at reception for your preferred time, as places fill fast and it is first-in -best-dressed!



Please see the window at reception to book in an individual time slot for your family (not per child - all siblings to be booked into the same slot). You may also phone us or email us to book in your preferred time slot. If you reach our answering machine please leave a message and we will get back to you to confirm. Parents are to write their name and number on the schedule. In the event you need to cancel this slot, please either come to reception to erase your name, or phone/email  us so we can erase it for you so another family can take your time slot. Should you have forgotten your time slot, please re-visit reception to double check your time or phone us on 03 9769 8820 to confirm. Please do not just simply ‘not turn up’ on the day should you change your mind, we ask as a courtesy that you remove yourself from the schedule if you need to cancel, as we always have families on a waitlist who couldn't get their preferred time and then we have disappointing gaps on the day where other families could have been accommodated.



Please refer to the Showcase information on what each dance entails (as far as the tights, shoes, hair style requirements for each routine). Please use this as a checklist to ensure you bring all the necessities for each of your child's dances. 



When you arrive you will stop past the small studio (studio 1 on the left) and we will have a box full of your child(s) costumes waiting for you. Your child will receive posed backdrop photos in all of their dance costumes for the KGD showcase (can be all of their costumes or as little as you like (it’s totally your choice)!  Please ensure you wear the required shoes and tights with each costume to acquire the ‘right look’ for the photos. Under no circumstances will the photographer be taking photos of children in just the normal KGD uniform or other outfits of your choice. KGD Comp Team members may have photos taken in their comp costumes too if you wish.


This is totally up to you! The full stage make-up required for the actual showcase may be ‘too heavy’ under the softer studio lighting, so you may opt for a softer ‘flower girl’ type look instead. (This may consist of a light foundation or powder, mascara, lip gloss or lighter lipstick, blush/bronzer). Or some families may choose to use this as a ‘practice time’ for the real showcase event and attempt the required ‘stage make-up’ for the performance now, especially since we do not require make-up for the ‘Dress Rehearsals’.



Please refer to the Showcase Information with all the hair styles required for each routine. However, for photo day, this is ultimately up to you….you may choose to keep your child’s hair in a simple ballet bun or high ponytail (for the Jazz, Tap or HipHop items), to save time switching hairstyles on the day. 



On the day, please ensure you arrive at least 15 -20 mins or so, prior to your actual time slot to get ready. Each family is given a 30 min time slot to share with other families to allow time for costume changes. No waiting around and coming back for different aged children! Occasionally we do run over time, however in most cases (depending on the amount of costume changes your child will have), you may be in and out in around 40 mins, or an hour if many costumes. Once you’ve had your first costume shoot, simply go change into the next costume and return for your next costume shoot! We recommend basing the order of your costume shoots around your tights (to reduce changing tights many times unnecessarily, ie; all ballet, neo items first that require the ‘Theatrical Pink’ ballet tights), then all Jazz, Tap, Acro, etc that require the tan tights afterwards)…Please note you will receive approx 3 photos per costume (eg; sitting, close up/half body, standing pose or action/jump shot).



On the day when you arrive the professional photographer will give you their brochure with directions to their website to view your photos online after the shoot. The whole ordering process is very simple and easy and runs directly through the photographer and has nothing to do with KGD. We have sourced only the best in the industry and a very experienced photographer at that with a bonus background in dance, so rest assured your child will be in good hands! In the meantime to gain a little idea of what to expect you can visit Tonille’s website at:

Tonille will also be present at our actual Showcase too, to capture some spectacular in-action stage shots of all our performances, which parents can also head to her website and purchase too at their convenience! This may be a preferred choice should you not be able to make the photo day, however this will not guarantee an exact photo of your child only without others in the shot. 



Please remove any nail polish on fingers and toes before the day (acrobatics, contemporary styles etc, may be in bare feet) and remove any fake tattoos to avoid incurring any additional costs for ‘Photoshop’ removal!

The same goes with tights and shoes, please ensure they are clean before your shoot. Shoes can be cleaned with a little soapy water and a gentle scrub. Please do not put in washing machine! 


We encourage you to check your child before they start each shoot - check for tags hanging out, shoes or laces that are not done up correctly, ensure hair is slicked with hairspray. KGD staff members, including Miss Karlie, along with senior student helpers will be floating around with any queries you may have or assistance you need, but it still pays to check your child in case, especially to avoid those more expensive photo-shopping mishaps.


Lastly, please bring your smiles! The day is specially designed this way to ensure it remains stress-free for parents and students! We aim to make this as fun as possible for everyone! 


Have fun and ENJOY! :)


Miss Karlie xx

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