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A full list of exactly what tights are required for each specific dance routine is located on the “Dress Rehearsal” schedule section.


In summary though:

-Energetiks brand ‘Theatrical Pink’ coloured tights for Classical Ballet & Neo-Classical routines.

-Energetiks brand ‘Skin’ coloured tights for both Jazz and Tap routines.

We suggest getting convertible versions of the above, so they can be rolled up for Acrobatics and Contemporary routines.

All tights can be purchased at Energetiks located at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.


Please see below for an ‘example look’ for each style of dance (please note; these costumes are examples and are not necessarily your child's exact costumes for the Showcase).


Please ensure students are wearing flesh coloured or appropriate underwear on the day underneath their tights and costumes. No bright colours as you will see this in the performance. 

Older students who require bust support are encouraged to purchase a dance-specific flesh coloured bra from any Dancewear stores, to ensure no bra straps are visible underneath costumes.



Please see the full list of exactly what shoes are required for each specific dance routine that is located on the “Dress Rehearsal” schedule section.

All shoes are as per our Uniform guidelines and can be purchased at Energetiks DanceWear store at Fountain Gate Shopping Centre.

Please see below for pictures of each style of shoe for reference.

Please note, foot thongs will be required for all Contemporary routines, bare feet for all Acrobatics routines and own black sneakers / street shoes for all Hip Hop routines.




Many parents ask about the dance showcase make-up requirement….


It’s not unusual for parents to be a little hesitant to allow their younger children to wear make-up to their end of year dance concert. Parents don’t want their kids growing up too fast and looking older than they are – we understand this.


But what we say to parents is the tradition of wearing make-up on stage dates back hundreds of years. In the days before we had cameras that zoom in and project the performers onto the big screens (think about any major concert or show you’ve ever been to in a large theatre or arena situation), make-up was used to highlight and exaggerate facial features so audience members could see expressions from miles away. Not to mention the bright wash of the stage lights can wash faces out, causing paleness and makes it hard for audience members to see their faces.

You’ve spent money throughout the year on dance tuition, and you’ve paid for showcase tickets, costume hire fees and optional items such as DVD’s and professional photos. So, when your child is on stage with 15 or so other dancers, you want to be able to pick out your child.


This is where stage make-up helps and gives all our students a chance to learn about the traditional stage makeup theatrics and practices along the way.


All students will be required to wear our full KGD stage make up. Most students will be familiar with this that have been with us for a number of years now and it's the same make up for concerts and competitions. Please see the example of the make up attached. Preschool students may do a simple version of this and are not required to do the 2 lines out the sides of the eyes (just basic foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner (if possible), mascara and red lipstick.


Make up necessities:

Foundation - a shade darker than your skin tone

Brown & white/cream eye shadows

Black mascara

Black eyeliner

Red lipstick

Bronzer / blush

Please see the example photos below for the preferred KGD performance look:

  • Please note the above looks are the same, however the Preschoolers do not require the 2 lines out the side of the eye.


Tip: You might like to use this occasion as an opportunity to obtain a container or small case to collate your child’s makeup kit (many KGD students have this in place already as this will serve for all your dance occasions; Photo days, Dress Rehearsals, Concerts, Competitions…for years to come!


All students from Junior level and upwards will be required to wear false eyelashes. At KGD we prefer the 'Jessica or Gwen' styles in the Manicare brand (or anything similar in fullness). These can be purchased from the dance shops and chemists.


Please ensure all personal jewelry has been removed for the performance, along with any nail polish and fake tattoos removed prior. Students from Sub-Junior (POISE) level and upwards will be required to wear diamante earrings. You can purchase these from the following shops: dance shops, chemists, Lovissa, Colette, or you can purchase fake/stick on diamantes from discount stores, craft stores, spotlight, dance shops, etc.