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Please view our current 2019 Fee schedule below...


2019 Fee Schedule


A $25 enrolment fee per student will be added onto term 1 invoices, (or your first invoice for new students),

to help cover administration costs that incur throughout the course of the year.


Fees are paid on a term basis and invoices will be handed out during the last week of the holidays and all fees must be finalised by the end of the second week of the following term. Term 1 fees are an exception, being distributed usually in week 2, with payment due two weeks after distribution date.


> Free TRIAL WEEK class pass for first time dancers (Applicable to new students only and all trial classes must be completed during the same week). Free trial classes will be taken off first invoice.

> A 5% discount will be offered to the second child's term fees  and 10% off the subsequent children,  for families with two or more children enrolled.

> Please note: Fees are non-refundable, (unless a class is cancelled).

> Fees for absent classes cannot become a ‘credit’ for the following term, nor can they be transferred over to other siblings, however students can do a ‘make up’ class provided they do so before the end of that term. Please see reception to discuss an appropriate class.

> Once invoices are distributed, customers are to pay the full amount owing and it cannot be changed to accommodate missed classes.

> If your child wishes to discontinue dancing before the term is finished and invoice has still not been paid, the amount will not be adjusted to reflect classes only participated in, the full amount owing will need to be finalised.

> Any discounts applied may be void where invoices are overdue and a $5 per week administration fee will be added onto all outstanding accounts for every week they remain overdue.





Please note- all fees are GST inclusive


15 Minute class—$10

20 Minute class—$11

30 Minute class—$12

40 Minute class—$13

45 Minute class—$14

60 Minute class—$15

75 Minute class - $16


*Private coaching is also available for technique (or competition soloists—invitation only).




1st Troupe: $11 per lesson

2nd Troupe: $13 per lesson

3 or more: $15 per lesson


*Any student who has been invited to double up in age groups will receive their second team fee at no cost.

*Competition team fees are INCLUDED in Multiple-class discounts.

*The above prices are based on a 60 min comp team class. Cheaper fees apply for 45 minute comp team classes.





    > Students who participate in 2-3 classes per week will receive a 5% discount off term fees.

      > Students who participate in 4-6 classes per week will receive a 10% discount off term fees.

> Students who participate in 7 classes per week will receive a 15% discount off term fees.

> Students who participate in 8 classes per week will receive a 20% discount off term fees.




ELITE JUNIOR PERFORMERS PACKAGE (8 or more classes per week) UNLIMITED classes capped at $750 per term. (Huge saving of over $300)! (complusory classes to be eligible: Ballet, Ballet Exam, Comp Team, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and choose from either: HipHop, Acrobatics, or Musical Theatre for last pre-requsites). 

ELITE SENIOR PERFORMERS PACKAGE (9 or more classes per week) UNLIMITED classes 

capped at $850 per term, huge saving of over $400. Compulsory classes to be eligble: Ballet, Ballet Exam, Comp Team, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and choose from either: Acrobatics, Pointe class or Musical Theatre for last pre-requsite (advanced and senior students only eligble). 


1 Ballet class per week for maintenance = normal price (dependant on class length)

2 Ballet classes per week for improvement = 5% discount

3 Ballet classes per week for brilliance = FREE!

*This cannot be used in conjunction with any other package. Third class excluded from multiple discount scheme. 

PRE-SCHOOL PACKAGE: Our 45 minute combination class, Baby Ballerinas & Baby Boppers is $14.00 per week. Students can participate in our additional Pre-school Tap class, Baby Beatz for only $5 extra per week. 


*The above discounts INCLUDE private lessons.

*Multiple class discounts only apply to students who are enrolled for the full term.

Where a student joins half way through or towards the end of the term, these discounts will not be applicable.




A small costume hire fee (per costume/class) will be added onto term 3 invoices for all students participating in our annual end of year Showcase Performance.

This is to help cover the cost of new costumes being made, purchased and hired, as well as all extras including headpieces, accessories, props, etc.


Please note; this is a mere hire fee only and all costumes remain the property of KGD.

Beginners - Sub-Advanced:

1st and 2nd Costume $35 each
3rd  Costume and each thereafter $30 each
**$40 hire fee for full pancake professional Tutus

Advanced - Senior:

1st & 2nd Costume $40 each

3rd Costume and each thereafter $35

**$45 hire fee for full pancake professional Tutus


A small ‘Showcase Rehearsal’ fee of $25 per family will be added onto term 4 invoices to help cover the cost of theatre hire for showcase performance rehearsals.




KGD has a ‘referral program’ in place, which will allow families to receive a 5% discount off one terms invoice, for every new student that they have referred to KGD. (Please note; this discount will only apply after the new student has completed a full term at KGD, then a ‘credit’ will be assigned to your account. The new student will have to write on their enrolment form who specifically referred them in order for you to receive this discount). 

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